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My Mum

Voula's Story



What makes my mum special is that she has always been a working mum to me, and I am the youngest of her three children. My mum took over this business, building it to what it is today. When I was a young child, like most of you, she needed to start working again. Having looked around at all the centres available, there was just something not right about them. Mum didn’t feel comfortable leaving me in places that seemed too clinical with staff members that would merely supervise me. She wanted the educators to interact with me and to genuinely care about me.

My mother was a school teacher and had this career change all because of me. Mum always provides the care and an environment that she would only leave her own children in.

My mother has been running this business for 20 years. Malvern Day Nursery is owner-run, which means she has direct contact every single day with all the children, and will take on any role required to help out the team. She isn’t just a number-crunching director.

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